Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gated Communities in the Greater Salt Lake City Utah area

Salt Lake County, the greater Salt Lake City Utah area boasts over 180 private gated communities, PUD's, condominiums and townhomes. We have everything from the private gated high-rise downtown loft to the private gated exclusive lane tucked away in lush woods somewhere.

Gated communities are desirable for a number of reasons. Privacy is an obvious one. Living in a gated community gives one a certain sense of pride and esteem, so there is an emotional connection. Gated communities promote and preserve property values. CC&R's (covenants, codes and restrictions) and a strong HOA (homeowner association) accomplish many things for the gated owner. CC&R's will ensure that similar architecture, design and quality elements are consistent in the community. They also prohibit people from doing things that detract from the visual appeal of the neighborhood like changing your cars oil out on the street or leaving that old beater car out on the street.

A Home Owners Association can be a group of elected residents from the community to create a board that governs and administrated the community, or it can be run by a property management company or even just a few neighbors who agree to do things a certain way. Many gated private lanes are ran exactly like that.

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